Re: Autoplacement hint

Regardless of what we do, we really can't do anything stronger than
USPosition and USSize -- if a WM doesn't honor these hints then there is
no size or position hint that it would honor.  Size and position hints
are advisory by their nature.  Metacity will honor these hints, but for
example if the hint specifies that the window should be offscreen,
metacity will override them.  I think that honoring these hints is
better than not honoring them, as you indicate that sawfish does, but we
can't simply require that they be honored.

You simply can't define a "disable autoplacement" hint that would behave
well and make sense.  For example, if the "disable autoplacement" hint
were set, would metacity then be required to let applications place
their windows offscreen?


On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 18:19, Mike McCormack wrote:
> You mean using USPosition and USSize? The following text from the ICCCM?
> "To indicate that the size and position of the window (when a transition 
> from the Withdrawn state occurs) was specified by the user, the client 
> should set the USPosition and USSize flags, which allow a window manager 
> to know that the user specifically asked where the window should be 
> placed or how the window should be sized and that further interaction is 
> superfluous. To indicate that it was specified by the client without any 
> user involvement, the client should set PPosition and PSize ."
> I'm using sawfish, and if I add USPosition | USSize to 
> WM_SIZE_HINTS.flags, I still get autoplacement.  Should this be 
> considered a bug in sawfish?
> Perhaps we could add a clarification that the WM should use USPosition 
> and USSize to position the window if they are specified and not attempt 
> to autoplace?
> Mike
> Rob Adams wrote:
> > Most window managers will honor an application's request to put the
> > window at a specific location, which is specified through hints not in
> > the EWMH, but rather in the original ICCCM on which the EWMH is based.
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