Re: Autoplacement hint

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 12:07:36PM +0900, Mike McCormack wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> There are two things that I hope to get if this hint is added:
> 1) if I set the hint, my window will be placed in a well known position

This really should be possible already with PPosition and PSize.

> 2) I will know in advance whether the window manager will put my window
>    in the place I ask it to.  If autoplacement cannot be supresed, I
>    will create an unmanaged window instead, and live with the
>    limitations of that.

Can't you assume that the window manager actually supports the ICCCM in the
first place? What happens if a window manager claims to honor this new hint
and then figures it knows better in some situations anyhow? A window manager
that can't obey standards puts you in the same position in both cases.

It sounds like you're simply looking for a way to determine if a window
manager "works" (many don't very well), and just work around it with
unmanaged windows if it does not. Is there any reason you can't depend on
the WM following existing standards and just state that you don't support
using your softawre on broken ones?

Having to work around broken WMs is kinda counter-productive and unnessesary
in my opinion. I'd like to think toolkits shouldn't have to do these sorts of


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