Re: Proposal for ConfigureRequest handling

Ben Jansens <xor orodu net> writes: 
> So what does everyone think of the offset property? Anyone know any
> other way to provide for an accurate placement including decorations?

I think it might be nicer (less race-condition-prone and less complex
code on the client side) if there were a way to basically send a
configure request that includes a gravity intended to override the
normal gravity.

Maybe we could pack this into a client message:

 l[0] = gravity
 l[1] = x
 l[2] = y
 l[3] = width;
 l[4] = height;

Or something like that. probably want a way to do only w/h without x/y
and vice versa.

Then all the pager has to do is send such a client message, with
gravity set to StaticGravity or whatever, and the pager doesn't have
to contain any gravity calculations, or worry about the value of a
property on the client window.


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