Re: Proposal for ConfigureRequest handling

Dominik Vogt wrote:

I somewhat doubt that Java/AWT is going to support the whole NETWM
hints just to communicate a single property.

Where does it say they have to support everything?

They only have to implement NET_WM_PING.

You mean simply answering the ping indicates that the application
hounours the ICCCM rule about ConfigureRequests?  Well, then it
must *really* be written in the spec in big fat letters so that
new applications don't start to misuse ConfigureRequests again.

There would be no ping/answer (although that is part of the correct implementation of NET_WM_PING).

The presence of _NET_WM_PING atom in the WM_PROTOCOLS property
would mean that application supports some of the NET WM spec.
There needs to be one definite way. I am only suggesting _NET_WM_PING because it's implementation is trivial is already specified to be registered in the WM_PROTOCOLS property that every WM checks already.

Obviously we need to specify this exactly in the spec.


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