Re: [Usability] SoundJuicer "Submit Track Names" is unusable.

On Tue, 8 May 2007, Iain * wrote:

> iain
> (*) I apologize profusely for gnome-cd...I really do...

I apologise too (but in a much more limited way, 'cause I dont like
application churn and I have a soft spot for gnome-cd, and mostly the
apology is to iain who has to maintain it).

Still haven't found a suitable way to mark it as legacy or otherwise warn
people without killing it off entirely?

I know it is ugly but it has the advantage of having very clearly known
issues which is only some small conselation, and it does the basics as you
would expect.

(If you want to give out to me for insisting on keeping gnome-cd or
otherwise talk about gnome-cd we should probably take further discussion
to gnome-media if required.)


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