Re: Hack away with Nautilus! (Re: [Usability] Alternatives to nautilus for two paned file management)

Christian Neumair wrote:
> My idea when I wrote the above email was to finish it until Nautilus
> 2.14, having a location bar inside each of the two panes, where the
> active one would have a bold "Location:" label. The problem with that
> approach is probably that all the location bar widgetry is a bit huge
> for displays with a resolution of less than 1024x768. 

It is huge, but with those arrow buttons this shouldn't be much of a
problem. It still will be usable (as it will be possible), but of course
there should be also option for the 'old school' path.
   Are you going to base it on current 'list view' as it is ?

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