Re: [Usability] Alternatives to nautilus for two paned file management

Il giorno lun, 19/12/2005 alle 16.58 +0100, Sebastian Rittau ha scritto:
> Just because Nautilus is not a two-paned file manager doesn't mean that
> Nautilus developer's are not listening to their users. Would you claim
> that Nautilus developer's aren't listening to their users if they would
> refuse to implement an Tetris clone to be played inside Nautilus?

But that's not what he asked for, so what's the point?

> If you want to have a two-paned file manager that is tightly intergrated
> into GNOME, either find someone to write it for you or write it
> yourself. 

Ah, the good old "do it yourself and don't bother us anymore" answer.
While I don't agree with the general tone of this guy's message, neither
can I see how this attitude is supposed to help him *and* the millions
non-technical, non-coding users who are supposed to be the possible
users of the Gnome desktop environment.

> I am sure that such a file manager would be a viable
> alternative to Nautilus, but I also believe that it is out of scope of
> Nautilus development.

Huh? Care to expand that? Assuming you are a Nautilus developer, of
course. Because this is not a request for "Tetris in Nautilus" but a
proper file management request. Is there some technical (or ideological)
aspect of Nautilus that would prevent this feature to be implemented, as
Konqueror developers did some time ago?

("Go use Konqueror then!!!" There, I saved you some typing.)

> > If Gnome is to survive a radical change is needed.
> Currently I see no indication that GNOME is dying.

Any news of Gnome dying is surely greatly exaggerated, but not all is
well in Gnome-land.

> > Kicking whole teams/projects out of it like nautilus and a radical
> > change in philosophy.Why not start by listening to their users ?
> Do you have any proof that "GNOME is not listening to their users",
> except anecdotal evidence that sometimes features are rejected (often
> for good reasons) or not implemented (often for lack of manpower)?

You mean apart from the massive flame-fest involving some very well
known Linux user on this very list? Which has been reported on many
popular sites? Where scores of frustrated users wrote "I gave up on
Gnome long ago"?

It's funny (not that much actually) that, just while the main Gnome
developers are acknowledging the communication / finding the right
balance / attract new developers problems, some users cling to the
same-old, knee-jerk response to other users' requests.


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