[Usability]Re: Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)

Christian Rose wrote:
> ons 2002-10-16 klockan 11.45 skrev Roberto Rosselli Del Turco:
>>I agree with Darryl on this one, the current format is too verbose (=
>>lot of space gone); you should also consider the fact that the date/time
>>format changes from country to country, so a preference option would be
> Not at all. There's no need for a preference just because date formats
> vary from country to country. That's after all why we have locales and
> date formats in locales (currently the date format is defined in the
> translation though, so it's not as elegant as had the info been taken
> from the locale, but it should match pretty well in most cases).

Oh, I didn't think about that. I stand corrected.

> A preference for a less verbose date format may be useful though anyway,
> but not for the reason of different locales being used. :-)

I agree. At the present moment, the shortest date in my home dir needs
18 characters, the longest one 41: and they say that time flies ;)


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