[Usability]Use case for a visible clipboard manager

I was hacking on my text-only clipbook and a use for a good visible
clipboard occurred to me. It's fairly obvious in retrospect, but I don't
think it has been mentioned.

Almost every application has to be able to interact with others via the
selection mechanism, but no single other application will provide a means
to test tranfer of all of the data types an application may offer. The
interaction between two applications appears to an application to be the
same as the interaction between an application and a clipboard. A visible
clipboard may serve to test these transfers; it is a debugging tool.

BTW, MS Office has a visible clipboard. They recently (in XP, iirc)
increased the number of clippings which it may hold. They even advertised
it. If more really is better, then we may laugh at them because (given
that the clipboard manager exists) our only limitation is memory. On the
other hand, we can set the limit slightly higher than theirs and when
they "upgrade" we can do the same. ;-)

Greg Merchan
Two misunderstanding of "economy of scale":
 1) Proliferation of nuclear weapons, and
 2) Proliferation of SUVs.

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