[Usability]Recent Documents Dropdown on "Open" Toolbar Button

Hi all,

Just wanted to point out a new feature in gedit, thanks to James, Paolo and
Kang. Much like the back/forward dropdowns in modern browsers, Kang has
suggested a recent documents dropdown on the 'Open' toolbar button. This
feature is now in gedit CVS and the 2.1.x releases.


I'm posting here to suggest that this suggestion is added to the HIG for
document-centric GNOME applications. It would be nice to add this
functionality to a stock toolbar set, if we ever have one, so that hackers
need not even worry about the majority of code required (they'd just have to
tell it the mime types they were interested in or something similar).
Probably a good candidate for the GNOME Office libraries in the mean time.

Thanks guys, it's a small feature, but a very cool one. Great stuff!

- Jeff

    "It's not sufficient to 'use simple words to explain things'. Things    
      must actually *be* simple, which is much harder." - Martin Pool       

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