[Usability]Re: Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)

Dave Bordoley wrote:
On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 23:00, Darryl Rees wrote:

Could you could have it in both, that would be fine. But to remove it from the nautilus app would make it more difficult for newbies to find the preferences, and involve more work for any user - it just makes it 'less accessible'. Users are conditioned to be able to find an app's preferences inside the app, and these are unquestionably nautilus preferences even if they have global effects on the file selector, etc. Should be extremely easy to test in a useability study I guess, once there are working examples...

This is an option. I guess my personal bias is that I would like the
nautilus ui to move away from that of a file browser application to that
of a folder viewer, in which case having global prefs seems to make more
sense. I don't actually think this will be all that confusing, but we
could do some testing to see what the best option is. Perhaps this
includes both.

I would like it to go into the control center, that would be consistent with the idea of Nautilus being a part of the GNOME desktop instead of a standalone application. But anyway: couldn't the Edit/Preferences menu item just launch the control center applet? Problem solved.

Suggestion for a new pref - date/time format. Nautilus always uses the most verbose format possible, it's quite fatigueing to read...

Well I don't know if a preference is needed or not. However as I
mentioned the current proposal is aimed at being realistic. Such a pref
may or may not be warranted, file a bug and we can hatch it out on
bugzilla. Perhaps the default should just be changed to be more useful?

I agree with Darryl on this one, the current format is too verbose (= lot of space gone); you should also consider the fact that the date/time format changes from country to country, so a preference option would be needed.

4. Desktop and Trash category

Actually it would be nice to be able to configure *any* folder to be used as your desktop - I guess I just lost all credibility with this comment.

Well there are all kinds of issues this may present, I won't get into
them now. I think we should just pick something and go with it. For my
money, I'd want $home as desktop, but thats a whole different flame war

;) Would be nice, though ...


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