[Usability]Any folder as a desktop. (Was: Re: Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!))

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 10:00:02AM +0700, Darryl Rees wrote:
> Actually it would be nice to be able to configure *any* folder to be 
> used as your desktop - I guess I just lost all credibility with this 
> comment.

I don't think so. You may be losing that now that I respond favorably. ;-)

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on list, but here's the scheme I have
in mind:

Initially, a folder called Desktop is created. This folder represents
the directory "$HOME/Desktop". Furthermore, there is only one screen-sized

A new workspace may be created as it is now, or by making any folder
into a desktop. For these:

    If a new workspace is directly created, a new folder is also created.
    It may be "Desktop 2" or something like that.

    If a folder is changed into a desktop folder (this may be done simply
    with a checkbox in the folder's property view) then a new workspace is

Workspaces and desktops remain linked, 1-to-1.

If a workspace is removed, this either changes the corresponding folder's
"is desktop" property or deletes the folder. I'm not sure which is better.
Of couse, a folder deletion would carry an appropriate warning.

If a folder's "is desktop" property is turned off, the corresponding
workspace disappears. Something will have to be done in the event that there
is an open window there; either move it or close it with appropriate feedback.

Implementation details should be straightforward. I'll skip them for now.
There are other UI matters, like what might be on each desktop by default,
which I'll also skip.

I know of a few pros and cons to this, but I'm dozing off now. If anyone
is interested, I'll go on later; though it may be a week given pending

Greg Merchan

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