[Usability]Re: Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)

ons 2002-10-16 klockan 11.45 skrev Roberto Rosselli Del Turco:
> I agree with Darryl on this one, the current format is too verbose (= 
> lot of space gone); you should also consider the fact that the date/time 
> format changes from country to country, so a preference option would be 
> needed.

Not at all. There's no need for a preference just because date formats
vary from country to country. That's after all why we have locales and
date formats in locales (currently the date format is defined in the
translation though, so it's not as elegant as had the info been taken
from the locale, but it should match pretty well in most cases).

A preference for a less verbose date format may be useful though anyway,
but not for the reason of different locales being used. :-)


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