Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

<quote who="Ali Akcaagac">

> > That would be mindlessly stupid, apart from being incompatible with the
> > (L)GPL.
> he probably meant a CLEAR note that explains the user that GNOME 2 is
> not ready for commercial use. which he is right.

GNOME 2.x, when it was released, was ready for end users (don't confuse this
with commercial readiness or productisation - the GNOME Project doesn't ship
a commercial product at all, distributions do).

> oh, i recall this GNOME 2 hat a couple of namechanges somehow.
> 	"GNOME 2 Desktop Environment"
> then some months later as the pressure came higher it became
> 	"GNOME 2 Desktop"
> without environment because there was none such thing. and at the final
> end it was called
> 	"GNOME 2 Developer Plattform"
> or something like this. which told everyone hey it's not ready yet.  GNOME
> 2 is mainly a library rewrite.

No, the final release was the "GNOME 2.0 Desktop and Developer Platform". We
shipped both a complete desktop environment, and the libraries it was based
on. If you think GNOME 2.x is "mainly a library rewrite", you're forgetting
the massive changes to the Desktop (many of which you've commented on here
and on d-d-l, so you must be aware of them).

- Jeff

     "I think a lot of the basis of the open source movement comes from     
                procrastinating students." - Andrew Tridgell                

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