Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 03:45, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Perhaps GNOME 2 should change it's licensing on GNOME 2 to say it cannot
> > be used commercially as of yet.
> That would be mindlessly stupid, apart from being incompatible with the
> (L)GPL.

he probably meant a CLEAR note that explains the user that GNOME 2 is
not ready for commercial use. which he is right.

> > I cannot stress how important it is to hold back releases until products
> > are truly ready. The public does not want to be a beta tester against its
> > will.
> What was not ready? Why are you under the impression that GNOME 2.0 was a
> pre-release?

oh, i recall this GNOME 2 hat a couple of namechanges somehow.

	"GNOME 2 Desktop Environment"

then some months later as the pressure came higher it became

	"GNOME 2 Desktop"

without environment because there was none such thing. and at the final
end it was called

	"GNOME 2 Developer Plattform"

or something like this. which told everyone hey it's not ready yet.
GNOME 2 is mainly a library rewrite.

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