Re: [Usability] My take on Nautilus must-fix proposal

On 26Oct2001 12:57AM (-0400), Luis Villa wrote:

> Not to target you specifically, maciej, but the admitted release of a
> /slower/ 1.0.5 did not give me confidence that this was in fact the
> highest priority. Hearing that it is in fact the highest priority is
> reassuring.

I think you are exagerating a bit. Right before the 1.0.5 release,
Seth noticed that the cvs code was slightly slower than 1.0.4 on some
systems (on others it was equivalent or a fair bit faster - we're not
sure what makes the difference). However, before 1.0.5 was released,
these problems were mostly fixed. 1.0.5 is a tiny bit slower to start
up on some systems, and a fair bit faster on others.



P.S. Is everyone on the usability list these days? And paying
attention? How far we have come from the days of "take it to

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