[Usability] My take on Nautilus must-fix proposal

Folks --

At the GUP meeting a week ago, I promised to write up my take on the Nautilus must-fix list and suggest which issues I think should be filed as bugs. I also volunteered Seth to take a look; I know he's busy, though, so I'm not sure whether or not he'll have a chance.

So here's my take:

Basically, the only bugs on this list that I'd actually put as significant issues for Nautilus (and other than #2, I don't even think these totally qualify as "must fix"): 1) Need a "tidy icons" command to clean up icons on the desktop besides just "Clean up by name." This isn't _that_ strong a must-fix, but it _does_ exist in nearly every other file manager including GMC, and I am one who frequently finds it useful to avoid too much clutter on the desktop. I'm very particular about where my icons go, so I get really annoyed doing a "Clean up by name" or something like that.

2) Fix Nautilus' behavior of having light-colored text on a light-colored background if a light-colored theme is selected. Maciej suggested that this is a heuristic that needs tuning, and I think that's reasonable. I do not think that Brian's suggestion of allowing the user to directly customize the text color is necessarily the right solution; I think it'd be much better for Nautilus simply to Do The Right Thing (tm).

3) Change the name of "View Preferences". I agree with Brian that the name here sounds like "Show my preferences" rather than "Change the preferences for viewing stuff". "Customize Views" seems reasonable to me, but I'd leave the actual name to the Nautilus folks; I know there are strong opinions there about the distinctions between "Preferences", "Settings", "Options", and possibly "Customizing".

4) Split "Window & Desktop" preferences into "Windows" and "Desktop & Trash". Arguments here seem reasonable to me. I think I agree with Maciej about the problems with moving keyboard shortcuts to a "General Preferences" section, though; I'd probably keep them with "Windows".

The other issues listed on the current list feel to me like either nice things to have, but definitely not critical usability issues that have to be fixed before the G2.0 release, or things where I just totally disagree with Brian's arguments. (I'd be happy to go into more detail if anyone wants).

I have not really thought about additional issues that _I_ would add to the list; I'd also recommend that Brian (and other must-fix folks) look over the GNOME 2.0 HIG draft and see if there is anything there that might apply; however, that document is still in flux so it might or might not be worth the effort.

Anyway, that's my opinion. :)


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