Re: [Tracker] Merging the indexer-split branch to TRUNK

2008/9/25 Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
Michael Biebl wrote:
2008/9/25 Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
Jamie McCracken wrote:
ok lets just have a shell script that deletes old stuff (which is not
called by Makefile) and put a note in the README file on how to upgrade
Really, this is not necessary. It is only old binary files and old
application data which is causing the problem here. It isn't *user* data
at all. Removing this stuff when we install is perfectly fine.

Let the user decide, but don't delete stuff in the system directory
during compilation.

This doesn't happen during compilation, it happens during the install
process and the user might not know about about the choice in the first
place, all they see is it doesn't work.

Yeah, I saw that you just committed that.
Nonetheless, you are talking about developers or at least advanced users here.

Who else would svn checkout and test compile tracker on his own, honestly.

This data is data we installed previously for the user. It is data we
would *uninstall* if the user ran make uninstall before they did svn up.

Have you considered that this makes it impossible for me to have
tracker 0.6.6 installed while trying to package 0.7?

I don't want it to silently  nuke my perfectly working 0.6.6 setup.

Make uninstall makes it absolutely clear, that you are going to remove files.

Besides, your current approach only checks for the files in $(bindir),
i.e. by default /usr/local/bin.

If your existing installation is in /usr, you don't achieve anything.

So the install hooks should also look in /usr and /usr/local, but
instead of removing, just print a warning, that those obsolete files
were found which collide with the new tracker installation and tell
the user to remove those files.


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