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  • Patches: more fixes for bodystruct, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 3/3] Proper part spec for top member of a bodystruct hierarchy, =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • [PATCH 2/3] Be careful to also fetch properly the first level text attachments, =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • [PATCH 1/3] Fix bodystruct parser to also decode properly video attachments, =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • Patches: more fixes for bodystructure, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 4/4] Retrieve subparts headers on retrieving bs message., =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • [PATCH 3/4] On retrieving an attached message, retrieve TEXT part instead of the full rfc822/message., =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • Patches: fixes for bodystructure foreign encoding processing, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 2/2] Decode properly filename in bs mime part., =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • [PATCH 1/2] Fix bs get_decoded_stream, as it was not decoding properly text parts, =?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9=20Dapena=20Paz?=
  • Patch: fix implicit conversion of pointer, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • Patch: add header flag "calendar", =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • Re: Problems with Gio implementation, Bojan Nikolic
  • Patches: many fixes related to bodystruct stuff, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 6/7] Properly return decoded headers from envelope in bodystruct, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 7/7] Parse properly rfc2047 word in utf-8, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 5/7] Refactor decode_it and decode_it_2 to be both in tny_camel_common, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 4/7] In bs parser put proper part spec id to direct child of message/rfc822, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 3/7] On parsing IMAP FETCH, if response size specifier is NIL, don't fail, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 2/7] On creating embedded message in bs, set as msg contents the child., Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 1/7] Fix detection of embedded message/rfc822 in tinymail bs, Jose Dapena Paz
  • Patch: fix bs get_decoded_stream, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • Patch: TnyFolderMonitor: Fix override of update method, Carl Simonson
  • Patch: Correct type of self parameter of parse method, Carl Simonson
  • Re: Patch: set of fixes for Bodystruct backend, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9?= Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 10/10] Fix error saving allow external image flag in bs msg, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 04/10] Added a global filter to bs msg receive strategy, to set up the number of bodies the strategy will autofetch., Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 09/10] Set bs message header as cached after retrieving it with bodies., Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 08/10] Avoid crash on getting reference to bs header, as it won't be a TnyCamelMsgHeader., Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 07/10] Enable by default BS IMAP implementation, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 06/10] More fixes for bodystructure support (fix detecting if bodystruct is cached), Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 05/10] Properly reload imap message cache, Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 03/10] Added method to know if a mime part is already fetched., Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 02/10] Fix in bs charset convert code., Jose Dapena Paz
  • [PATCH 01/10] Use bodystruct support for partial part retrieving., Jose Dapena Paz

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