a window got lost, again.


once again, one of few "first" windows got lost. We have time to
investigate. I don't remember exactly what we have done last time.
I recall that I've done something 'wrong', and I recovered this
window with some crazy invocations of xdotool (if you search mail
archives for xdotool, you will find a previous thread about this).

This time let's try to debug this as much as possible.
My version is 1.7.1 (according to "About sawfish" window).

The lost window is the one with "htop" running. It can be seen in
process list:

$ ps auxw | grep htop
janek    11154  0.0  0.0  60876  2524 ?        S    Feb12   9:34 xterm -geom 133x53+4098+440 -fg gray -bg black -T htop -e htop -d 10

Attached is full output of `xwininfo -root -tree`.

We can see there one "htop" line:

0x3800024 "htop": ("xterm" "XTerm")  802x693+2+18  +4100+-3142

This window (named "htop") is not present in the window list. All
other windows (as far as I can recall) are present in window list.
This window is named "htop" thanks to the `-e htop` parameter when
invoking xterm.

We have plenty of time to find this window, namely I have little time
to fiddle with it :) So whole debugging process, with your help, can
take even few weeks.

best regards
Janek Kozicki                               http://janek.kozicki.pl/  |

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