"Please pay" from Teika

Hi, I'm Teika, and I'm fine as Chris said.

I've worked a lot for Sawfish this 2.5 years. Users, stand up, and pay
at least $1 for tsunami sufferers. This is an order. Probably many can
afford $10, right? Act, and it will affect more than you think.

Your local NGO's with good history or UNICEF [1] is a good
choice. Check your calendar now, and do it say this weekend.  If they
aren't ready yet, schedule it again. Never cancel.  (It may be silly
to say, but beware of fraudulent "We accept donations.")

[1] in USA:

If you were worried about me, thanks, but I'm ok. Please, please share
your sympathy for the people in great pain.

When you've done something, tell it to your Japanese acquaintances, if
any. It'll encourage us, then afflicted people. And to your nearby folks.

I'm sorry of our shabby nuke power plants.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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