Re: "Please pay" from Teika

On Monday 14 March 2011 12:29:07 Allan Duncan wrote:
> On 14/03/11 10:31, Teika Kazura wrote:
> ...
> > I'm sorry of our shabby nuke power plants.
> Maybe the maintenance and regular _real_ testing of backup generators?

Well, I can tell you, that the tests in germany aren't any better, and I doubt 
they are anywhere else, 'cause the test cost money (reactor not running) and 
they are themselves pretty expensive (material, personell etc). What matters 
is quantity not quality.

> Or perhaps the earthquake resistance of engine mounts?

Well, the japanese NPS are in a quite good shape, compared to many of the 
german ones. They're back from the 70s ... It may sound a bit sarcastic, but 
the tragidy in Japan, could free Germany from the NPS, using power generated 
by wind and water instead (Norway got some plans for a 14.000 MW pipeline
Norway <> Germany, for example).

Still I guess the core melt-down is coming (reactor 2 doesn't hold any water 
at the moment). I can't understand why people haven't learned from Nagasaki 
and Hiroshima... (before you flame the japanese themselves: the world-wide 
(read: especially US) energy-politics made it practically impossible for Japan 
to use a different method of producing energy).

An initiative to stop the NPS in Germany will be started, soon. I hope - no 
for the first time in my life I pray - that the Bundesrat will make it!

Besides it's unbelievalbe what happens in Japan, I mean:
a) earthquake
b) tsunami
c) NPS core melt-down
d) vulcanic activity (southern Japan)

four catastrophies in one! I mean... I just don't get the bad luck they have 
to run in something like that...

If you're from Germany, you may donate your money via:"Aktion Deutschland 

Besides a lot of helpers from Germany will be send out the support you 

Kind Regards,

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