Some kind of a roadmap to 1.8 (and beyond)

Hi all,

as the subject says: some kind of a roadmap to 1.8 (and beyond)


- release of librep 0.91.1
- moving¹ librep GIT to Tuxfamily
- moving¹ rep-gtk² GIT to Tuxfamily
- sending out instructions for team-members on how to get GIT access on
  Tuxfamily and update the Wiki accordingly.
- setting up some different bug-trackers and give the users / developers /
  contributors time to choose the one which is the best


- release of Sawfish 1.8RC2 (@Teika: I guess you're fine with that?)
- setting up simple project page on Tuxfamily webspace, providing the users
  with all interessting links at once (Wiki, BugTracker, GIT, ML, etc etc.)
- officially advertising new ML, so that it can be test-driven (though the
  system behind the ML is very well tested, so everything should be fine and
  current users will -later- all be auto-re-subscribed to it)
- branch SawfishPager 0.99 (for GTK+3 porting)


- make decision for prefered bugtracker, advertise it on ML/Project  page
- suspend (not -yet- closed)
- test SawfishPager 0.90 for release-readiness


Release of Sawfish 1.8.0... there's no settled date yet. Though I would like to 
target weekend of Week 13 or 14 (EA, Tabs-NG and AppsMenu are ready, so it's 
basically, clean-up, docs and Teikas TODO missing).



After release of Sawfish 1.8.0

- advertise moving of the whole project (except Wiki) to Tuxfamily.
- move 1.8 to sawfish-1.8 branch
- bump HEAD to 1.9
- begin collaboration with MM (Michal Maruška) so that SawfishMM is merged
- begin collaboration with MM about his thoughts about leaving REP. (NOTE:
  this does not mean, that we'll do it, as of now.)
- release some 1.8.1 and 1.8.2
- plan release of 1.9.0 for 22 Dec 2011 (so that makes ~9 months and between
  Christmas and mid Jan so or so most are on vacation)

After release of Sawfish 1.9.0:

- (finally) port to GTK+3
- (if we do it) move to the desired new LISP or Scheme
- whatever comes in mind and release 3.0.0 at 22 Dec 2012 (code-named
  "It's Not Over" :)
- support 1.9x until 3.0.0


I really would like to hear your oppinions on this. As you can see, Sawfish 
with GTK+3 will never make it in time (GTK+ 3.0.1 was releases yesterday).

So we should foucs on SawfishMM first, and skip it for 3.0.0.

¹: 'moving' means the development, old GIT archives still exist
²: rep-gtk is not dead. But I'm waiting on the final decision about REP before 
speding my time on porting it to GTK+3


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