tab-group idea; named tabgroup

Hi. Let's discuss "named tabgroup".

Named tabgroup enables "automatic tabbing". For example, by using
the matcher, you can assign a tabgroup, e.g. "tg-terminal" to your
xterm windows.  Then when an xterm window appears, it gets tabbed,
combining to exisiting xterms.

There should also be anonymous tabgroups. Actually, all tabgroups
are anonymous in the current implementation.

I haven't considered to date what's exactly necessary, but fuchur,
do you want to work on this? (Of course anyone is welcome. :) If none
doesn't, I'll tackle it. (A few weeks ago I thought it could be put
off to 1.9, but fuchur is serious making the tab system perfect, so
it's better to include in 1.8.)

Random notes:
* Even if only one window is in "tabgroup-foo", that tabgroup should
  exist. OTOH anonymous tabgroup doesn't make sense if only one window
  is there. A new func 'window-tabgroup' should return the tabgroup,
  or nil.  window-tabbed-p may not make sense. Anyway we have to
  clarify some definitions first.
* Current implementation of (anonymous) tabgroup looks complicated. 
  I think it's simpler to use `gensym' which generates a new, unique
  Youn need: A list of all tabgroups. A list for each tabgroup which
  records all its member windows. An alist of "name -> tabgroup".
* This change is incompatible, but won't affect unless you have your own
  programs in tabs.
* (Can be later) 'cycle-inside-tabgroup' command. (And/or cycle-inside
* (Has nothing to with tab) It's better to add the command
  'customize:appearance' to some button. It invokes the configurator,
  opening 'apperance' group. Since I don't use mouse, please someone
  add it to your taste.  
* In my opinion tab-raise-on-hover has nothing to do with tab, and
  should be called raise-on-enter-title, but I haven't considered this
  enough yet. Just a notfication at this moment; I'll say more
  later. (This may desereve opening a new thread; it's bad to push all
  in one thread.)
  * Ah, Chris, please add a named command to keymaps. Tooltip of
    anonymous commands look ugly.

Of coures I have to reply other tab related emails, (and I have to
catch up to the status) but I had to send this before an RC is
made. Sorry for complicating the issue. ;)

On Wed, 9 Feb 2011 21:45:25 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> PS: Now [fuchur] can't say anymore "I'm not a developer" ;)

Exaktweise!! (Sorry for my Däutsch. ;)

Teika (Teika kazura)

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