Re: [VOTE] Moving to

Not contribute to sawfish yet, but have been following a long time. I
don't like, because it's slow to me.

Hope to do some coding work in sawfish soon ;)

On 9/27/09, Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 27.09.2009, 01:32 +0200 schrieb Jose A. Ortega Ruiz:
>> [I've never contributed to Sawfish, so i guess you shouldn't pay much
>> attention to my opinions below. I thought of chiming in nevertheless
>> because i regularly follow its development and i use its repository.]
>> Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson googlemail com> writes:
>> [...]
>> > I think almost anything will be better than sourceforge :)
>> FWIW, i wholeheartedly agree. IMHO, sf's interface is just awful.
>> > Github, gitorious, are all superior in my opinion (the
>> > potential problem with might be that with them git always
>> > goes through svn but maybe that's not a big problem actually).
>> One very nice thing about Github and Gitorious is that they allow very
>> easy repository cloning, encouraging contributions. Although i favour
>> Gitorious because it's open source, if a bug tracker is needed one would
>> have to go for Github (which is pretty good too, IMO).
>> Cheers,
>> jao
> Actually we need a GIT, BugTracker, DL-Section and a ML atleast, I
> haven't checked wether github or gitorious provide *all* 4. Either way
> might be an alternative, too.
> It features:
> - CVS, SVN, GIT (can choose one)
> - Webarea (we only would need it for a bugtracker or a forum or x)
> - Mail domains
> - Mailing list
> - MySQL, PostGreSQL DB (so we can install a bugtracker)
> - Download Repos
> - Domain names
> - Jabber (? is on the list of supported, but I can't see it)
> - Support Forum where WE can ask the admins
> Well they use their selfmade VHFFS ( (GPL'ed) for all
> stuff, so it also fits the little Richie in us :) additionally they say
> that more will be comming, due to active contributors.
> I really like those frenchies, I for a long time believed their
> "Iceland-April-Fool" haha ^_^;
> Chris


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