Re: [VOTE] Moving to

[I've never contributed to Sawfish, so i guess you shouldn't pay much
attention to my opinions below. I thought of chiming in nevertheless
because i regularly follow its development and i use its repository.]

Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson googlemail com> writes:


> I think almost anything will be better than sourceforge :)

FWIW, i wholeheartedly agree. IMHO, sf's interface is just awful.

> Github, gitorious, are all superior in my opinion (the
> potential problem with might be that with them git always
> goes through svn but maybe that's not a big problem actually).

One very nice thing about Github and Gitorious is that they allow very
easy repository cloning, encouraging contributions. Although i favour
Gitorious because it's open source, if a bug tracker is needed one would
have to go for Github (which is pretty good too, IMO).

I always pass on good advice. It's the only thing to do with it. It is
never any use to oneself.
 -Oscar Wilde

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