Re: [Feature Freeze] Last things about 1.5.0


On Sun, 24 May 2009 12:50:43 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> It's time for the feature-freeze of 1.5.0!

Natürlich. (Sure.)

I think we have to concentrate on tab and configurator non-printed 
letter problems. Tab is clear.

I investigate more on the configurator issue, but there're at
least two probs:
* Label is broken, for non-english letters like é. Other widgets look
  okay. (Very strange. Why?)
* Japanese & Chinese, at least, have a peculiar problem, again *labels
  only*. All translated strings are replaced by
  "Project-Id-Version..." (lasts several lines!), which appear under
  first "msgstr" of po/ja.po . This was introduced by A I Froloff's
  patch, commited on May 3. Before that, nothing were printed. (You
  can't conclude it's wrong, because non-english is not printed
  anyway.) So it may be a regression, but not sure. (I don't speak

Broken configurator is a disaster. If it remains in the 1.5.0, it's
quite likely to lose sawfish users. So it MUST BE fixed.

I'd like to remind ourselves one more point. Recent release were done in
relaxed manner. It's ok, but for 1.5, we should at least make efforts
to make the release error-free, because the release is not for the
community, but we're responisble for the whole world. We should
release only once. (I mean the release be ok, not strictly bug-free

So we've got to release a candidate, and compilation tests are needed.
And if user doc remains the same, we have to delete it from the
release, or at least put the notice "Still a draft, sorry." Etc, etc.

Other goals are lesser, and we can simply postpone them for 1.5.1, in
my opinion.

> About the "new" Sawfish-UI ... as in the Proposed_Goals, the reason why
> only double clicks are accepted[...]
> so is there the need for the GtkTreeView() for 1.5.0, or is it
> enough in 1.5.1? [...] (just for the record, since some already
> said, that they don't want 1.5.0 to delay)

"somebody", it's me? :) I'd say the Gtktree rework is for 1.5.1.
I don't like too much interval between the last release and 1.5.
But if it turns out easy, don't hesitate.

Anyway it's good to review rep-gtk, so please swing your magic rod for
us in near future. We're not sure for rep-gtk status. If the rework
reveals something more, please report them.

> A)
> Mark all strings that should be translated with (_ )
> eg "sawfish is great" -> (_ "sawfish is great")

I don't know what is 'all', but at least all in configurator GUI. Most
of the work is simple, but needs continuous work. Better assign to

> B)
> Fix the open bugs:
> It would be nice if everyone could have a look at that list.

Bugs other than configurator is not immediate, so we can skip.

> C)
> Polishing the docs: 
> - Anything going to do for the userdoc, GSR?

I'd say 1.5.1. We haven't got immediate task to confront, so I'll be able
to attach myself to it.

> D)
> Fix compat.jl (it's incorrect)

Derek says it's not urgent. I think Sawfish needs revision anyway, and
I don't think this file is not so special. So this is one of long-term

> E)
> Final re-ordering of options in sawfish-ui
> F)
> What is with the tabsystem? Anyone going to rewrite/improve it?

Please report bugs you've noticed, at ML or in wiki. (Page 'Tab' is

> Thanks for reading,

Thank you for raising the issue :) And thank you all for reading.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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