[Feature Freeze] Last things about 1.5.0

Hi all,

It's time for the feature-freeze of 1.5.0!

Stuff to do:


Mark all strings that should be translated with (_ )
eg "sawfish is great" -> (_ "sawfish is great")


Fix the open bugs:

It would be nice if everyone could have a look at that list.

About the "new" Sawfish-UI ... as in the Proposed_Goals, the reason why
only double clicks are accepted, is that we use an ancient GtkTree()
Widgets, which only allows double clicks, the solution is to use the
newer GtkTreeView() but:

a) this is not yet implemented in rep-gtk
b) requires a rewrite of lisp.sawfish.wm.groups (and possibly others)

so is there the need for the GtkTreeView() for 1.5.0, or is it enough in
1.5.1? You know that the former will definitively delay if I first have
to implement the GtkTreeView() (just for the record, since some already
said, that they don't want 1.5.0 to delay)


Polishing the docs: 
- Anything going to do for the userdoc, GSR?


Fix compat.jl (it's incorrect)
Removed dupped commands


Final re-ordering of options in sawfish-ui


What is with the tabsystem? Anyone going to rewrite/improve it?

8x --- cut here ---

... About the librep replacement discussion:

Currently guile is my favourite, because:

- it's simply complete and has GtkBuilder support
	(the great return of sawfish-themer)
- it has full UTF-8/Latin-4 Support 
	(ä ö ü ß and co. would be displayed in sawfish-ui)
- would bring a lot of new possible contributors in :)

But it's not fixed to guile yet. There are more dialects (or even
completely different stuff ()) and a rewrite of librep is also an
option. Tough I don't think anyone want that.

Well rewrite is done (if it's done) for 3.0.

We need atleast two people who actively/fulltime work on the rewrite
(and try to squash the old bugs at the same time), else this is not
going to happen! And while you're at it: remove dupped commands (if any)
and give them better names.

I'm not going to be one of the two (of course I'll contribute), since
that is too hard for me. (Normally I'm developing in Python/GTK+ ^_^;)

Also it would be nice, to have a good interface for creating bindings,
eg to librep or python, so that more users can modify sawfish easily.
That WNCK/"M"0 has python bindings and many 3rdparty projects use them.

--- cut here --- x8

Leave some comments (or better: code (you're last chance for your name
to appear in the NEWS ^_^))

Thanks for reading,

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