Re: [TODO] Review Patches, please

zanghar freenet de (2009-05-02 at 1312.01 +0200):
> And we have four suspended patches, is there any interrest in them?
> 1) 13 mouse buttons

IIRC this one was suspended because it was a complex thing that
depended in others. Keep as suspended.

> 2) After raise/lower-window hooks
> ... seems not to be usefull

The main reason seems to be tabs, so keep as suspended, tabs recode
should address the issues.

> 3) Focus policy improvement
> ... sounds ok, Teika: didn't we introduce remprop in 1.3x? So any change
> for this to be in 1.5.0?

No comment, Teika and Timo seem to be the one more knoweldge in all
the quirks.

> 4) Shade-focus
> ... don't get this. temporarily unshading windows is what shade-hover
> already does.

The idea behind this one is that unshaded happens for focus not on
enter events, so it should work with keys or when the mouse goes to
root window and focus mode is enter-only.

Teika comment about hooks seems to suggest a simpler way to do it,
which works (partialy?), just add (add-hook 'focus-in-hook
shade-hover-enter) and remove the call in leave-notify-hook, and
probably enter-notify-hook (keep focus-out-hook). So maybe the patch
should aim at different hooks, depending on desired behaviour. Or
maybe consider the hover was a bit buggy and this is the way to be. ;]

I said partially because I am trying to locate some corner cases,
enter-notify-hook gives issues about keybindings making mouse not
unshade without moving the cursor over other windows first (makes
sense, the focus has not changed) or leaving unshaded windows around
when moving the cursor (so it toggles the status like keybinding),
depends if removed or not. OTOH, I think it even works better in other
cases: menus and dropdowns keep the window unshaded (long standing
issue, it shaded when you changed menus).

To sum up, for now I am trying with:
,in sawfish.wm.ext.shade-hover
(add-hook 'focus-in-hook shade-hover-enter)
(remove-hook 'enter-notify-hook shade-hover-enter)
(remove-hook 'leave-notify-hook shade-hover-leave)


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