[TODO] Review Patches, please

Hi all,

Currently we got four paches in "Submitted patches"

1) Cycle-groups (only cycle to the top windows of each group)

sounds good and Ferk said it works, gonna try it now.

2) Display worskpace when cycling

old patch based on 1.3, does not apply, but is a feature I would like to
have as option (got used to it at the times trying out E (yes, I did a
lot to avoid MetaCity ^_^))

I'll see if I can provide an working, updated version. May take some

3) Improved extensibility for window-order

... needs discussion and rewrite

4) Translate custom options in ui

sounds good and Alex normally provides working patches :)
Need a test-case though.

And we have four suspended patches, is there any interrest in them?

1) 13 mouse buttons


2) After raise/lower-window hooks

... seems not to be usefull

3) Focus policy improvement

... sounds ok, Teika: didn't we introduce remprop in 1.3x? So any change
for this to be in 1.5.0?

4) Shade-focus

... don't get this. temporarily unshading windows is what shade-hover
already does.

Waiting for your decisions,

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