Re: emacs-like sequential keybinds

Wang Lei <wanglei 198112 gmail com> writes:

> AFAIK,no.
> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 1:59 PM, Chengqi(Lars) Song <songcq gmail com> wrote:
>     hi,
>     is it possible to do emacs-like keybinds?
>     such as
>     "H-r f f" to run firefox
>     "H-r s d" to run stardict
>     ...
>     thanks
>     lars

I have not tried with two levels of indirection, but with two (e.g. H-e
e tor run emacs) you sure can:

(bind-keys global-keymap "H-e" my-emacs-keymap)
(bind-keys my-emacs-keymap
           "E" '(run-shell-command "emacsclient -c")
           "e" '(run-shell-command "urxvt -e emacsclient -t")
           "r" '(run-shell-command "emacsclient -e '(make-remember-frame)'")
           "g" '(gimme-exact-name "Gnus")
           "w" '(gimme-exact-name "w3m"))


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