Re: sawfish-client and errors on ubuntu

Fernando wrote:
On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 3:30 AM, Rafal Kolanski<rafalk cse unsw edu au> wrote:
How do people who write sawfish scripts do it with a repl that sends all
errors to some mysterious location?

For me, I just use the sawfish-mode in emacs.
It is quite nice to use, I can instantly evaluate any expression that
is immediately previous to the cursor by pressing C-x C-e, at the same
time I'm writing the script.
It outputs any error or any return value obtained. You can also access
sawfish and librep documentation from emacs.

Thanks Fernando. I'm not an emacs user except when I'm forced to (only usable Isabelle/HOL theorem prover interface), but looking at sawfish.el indicates that the C-x C-e magic you're talking about invokes sawfish-client with the -e parameter. If I replicate that, I can get an error back too:

[~]# sawfish-client -e "(3.3)"
*** Remote sawfish error: (invalid-function 3.3)

Also, the in-one-go mode "--" works too:
[~]# sawfish-client --
*** Remote sawfish error: (invalid-function 3.3)

The interactive mode of sawfish-client appears broken though; it does something weird and the error goes off into .xsession-errors or disappears entirely. I'm not experienced enough to tell what exactly is going on in there with all the repl-iterate business.

I guess this will do for now, emacs or no emacs, but a usable repl would be nice, as not everyone is an emacs user.


Rafal Kolanski.

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