Re: sawfish-client and errors on ubuntu

Rafal Kolanski wrote:
The errors from sawfish-client apparently should go into .xsession-errors, but on my system once that file gets big enough, logging there is stopped. I would like to redirect the sawfish-client errors to somewhere else but can't seem to manage it. Setting error-destination to screen doesn't do anything.
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I've also tried taking the latest sawfish-client.jl and running that, no luck.
If I write in sawfish-client:
(bind-keys window-keymap "H-a" '(3 . 3))

Then pressing H-a plonks down a pretty "Invalid function: 3" on my screen. So sawfish errors are definitely going to my screen, yet any errors in sawfish-client are going nowhere (probably to .xsession-errors, which gets turned off on modern systems after it gets big enough with no real way to turn it back on).

There is a bug report from 2007 that describes exactly what I mean:

Looking at sawfish-client.jl I think I see an attempt to set standard-error to standard-output, do some kind of repl-iterate into an output stream, then get the result of that stream and dump it to standard-output. Does anyone know how this works?

How do people who write sawfish scripts do it with a repl that sends all errors to some mysterious location?


Rafal Kolanski.

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