Re: Failure of sawfish to build with Fedora 11

Allan Duncan wrote:
I have a curious failure to build sawfish on F11.  From the build log:
RPM build errors:
File not found: /home/alland/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/sawfish-1.5.0-1.i386/rep/i686-pc-linux-gnu/sawfish

which is quite true, the place where the files are at is:

After many trials of different combinations of "--target=" I find that the
offender is in sawfish.spec.  I don't understand why I get the results I do
but it hinges on the code for librepdir getting the wrong answer ("NULL")

%define librepdir %(\
   repl=$(rpm -ql librep.%{_arch}| grep -m 1 /rep/); \
   [ "$repl" ] || repl=$(rpm -ql librep-devel.%{_arch} | grep -m 1 /rep/); \
   echo ${repl%%/rep/*})

F11 uses i586 as the default arch c/f i386 for F10.  Replacing the above
detection for librepdir with an absolute

%define librepdir /usr/lib

gets me a working sawfish (actually i686 arch because I used

I've yet to see if the x86-64 build works on F11 with /usr/lib64, the
automagic code above seems to work on F10.

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