sawfish-client and errors on ubuntu

Hi Everyone,

After a bit of a break, I'm back to trying to do the key-handling stuff I messaged the list about earlier. Looking at x-cycle.jl does indeed shed light on the issue, thank you Timo.

The errors from sawfish-client apparently should go into .xsession-errors, but on my system once that file gets big enough, logging there is stopped. I would like to redirect the sawfish-client errors to somewhere else but can't seem to manage it. Setting error-destination to screen doesn't do anything. I'm still running sawfish 1.3.4 on this machine (I'll upgrade as soon as I figure out how to make debian packages for librep), but I'm not aware of any bugs that have been fixed with regard to this. If this has been addressed already, I can upgrade sooner.

What do I do? Without any error output, it's really hard to work through doing anything:

user> (33.)
user> 3092483290852
user> frejlwkjf332

display-errors says "No errors." It almost feels like sawfish errors and sawfish-client errors are somehow distinct.


Rafal Kolanski.

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