Re: Binding by keysyms

Dmitry, Zdrastvyite.

> Grabbing in configurator GUI *works*. I hit XF86Launch1 key and I see it
> grabbed in the field. But after that, the binding has no effect.
> XF86Launch1 presses do not get handled by Sawfish :-(

If you mean other commands don't work, like window-raise, well, how
about changing the keysym, for example to f13? Dirty workaround, but
better than nothing.

If the key works for other commands (I guess so), you can bind the key
with configurator GUI to command named "run-shell-command". It's equal
to (system ...) except that it can be bound to key. You can pass the
argument "emacs &" with the configurator.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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