Binding by keysyms

Looks like my sawfish-1.5.0 doesn't want to bind something like this:

    (bind-keys global-keymap "XF86Launch1"
               (lambda () (interactive) (system "emacs &")))

Sawfish simply doesn't seem to see XF86Launch1 presses.

Customization UI binds this key with no effect as well.

At the same time, bindings for keys like "XF86AudioMute" etc. work like charm:

    (bind-keys global-keymap "XF86AudioMute"
               (lambda () (interactive) (system "amixer sset Front,0 toggle &")))
    (bind-keys global-keymap "XF86AudioRaiseVolume"
               (lambda () (interactive) (system "amixer sset Front,0 10%+")))
    (bind-keys global-keymap "XF86AudioLowerVolume"
               (lambda () (interactive) (system "amixer sset Front,0 10%-")))

Can anyone confirm this?
Happy Hacking.

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