Re: Binding by keysyms

Teika Kazura wrote:
> (or dobry den', do you use it?)

Yes :)

> On Thu, 09 Jul 2009 23:49:13 +0400, Dmitry Dzhus wrote:
>>     (bind-keys global-keymap "XF86Launch1"
>>                (lambda () (interactive) (system "emacs &")))
>> Sawfish simply doesn't seem to see XF86Launch1 presses.
>> Customization UI binds this key with no effect as well.
> You mean grabbing in Configurator GUI doesn't work? If so, it's
> peculiar.

Grabbing in configurator GUI *works*. I hit XF86Launch1 key and I see it
grabbed in the field. But after that, the binding has no effect.
XF86Launch1 presses do not get handled by Sawfish :-(

> Ah, well, can you try some of these:
> * Restart sawfish
> * xset r / -r to the key. (Use keycode. You can see it with xev)
> * xset r rate 200 25 (Number can be whatever you like.)

Unfortunately this did not help.
Happy Hacking.

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