Re: Integration (Fedora 11, Gnome 2.26.2)

Am Sat, 11 Jul 2009 15:15:29 +1000
schrieb Allan Duncan <amd2345 fastmail com au>:

> Lou Hafer wrote:
> > Folks,
> > 
> > 	I went back and figured out what I'd done to get sawfish-ui
> > to appear in the Gnome Preferences -> Windows.  There needs to be a
> > copy of sawfish.desktop
> > in /usr/share/gnome/wm-properties/sawfish-wm.desktop, with an entry
> > for ConfigExec=sawfish-ui.  I tried putting sawfish-wm.desktop
> > in .local/share/gnome/wm-properties but this didn't work for me.
> > Combined with a copy of sawfish.desktop
> > in .local/share/applications, this works pretty well. A 10 second
> > startup delay is a small price to pay to ditch metacity.
> > 
> > 	It's sad the the Gnome folks are moving in a direction that
> > will lock them into some derivative of the metacity code base. More
> > generally, it's sad that they're moving away from the flexibility
> > that's characterised X-based window systems for so long.
> So this 10 second delay is caused by (from ~/.xsession-errors)
> gnome-session[2757]: WARNING: Application 'sawfish.desktop' failed to
> register before timeout I guess.
> I've compared sawfish.desktop with metacity.desktop and seen no
> obvious candidates.  10 seconds on a fast machine buys a lot of
> computing, so it isn't librep being slow to run.
> I've yet to wade through gdm's operation to see if it loads metacity
> before any user login (something has to handle the login selection
> display).

This is because sawfish does not have any notification, that it's
running, therefore the delay.


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