Re: Integration (Fedora 11, Gnome 2.26.2)

Lou Hafer wrote:

	I went back and figured out what I'd done to get sawfish-ui to appear in
the Gnome Preferences -> Windows.  There needs to be a copy of sawfish.desktop
in /usr/share/gnome/wm-properties/sawfish-wm.desktop, with an entry for
ConfigExec=sawfish-ui.  I tried putting sawfish-wm.desktop in
.local/share/gnome/wm-properties but this didn't work for me. Combined with a copy of sawfish.desktop in .local/share/applications, this works pretty well. A 10 second startup delay is a small price to pay to ditch metacity.

It's sad the the Gnome folks are moving in a direction that will lock them into some derivative of the metacity code base. More generally, it's sad that they're moving away from the flexibility that's characterised X-based window systems for so long.

So this 10 second delay is caused by (from ~/.xsession-errors)
gnome-session[2757]: WARNING: Application 'sawfish.desktop' failed to register before timeout
I guess.

I've compared sawfish.desktop with metacity.desktop and seen no obvious
candidates.  10 seconds on a fast machine buys a lot of computing, so it isn't
librep being slow to run.

I've yet to wade through gdm's operation to see if it loads metacity before
any user login (something has to handle the login selection display).

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