Re: Can't install to custom --prefix location

Michal Jaegermann wrote:
On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 12:11:29AM +1000, Allan Duncan wrote:
I need to patch the sawfish.spec file replacing
the automagic detection with a hard coded define:

%define librepdir /usr/lib

That makes for a definitely broken spec file; even if it happens to
work by an accident in your case.  If something simple of that sort
is now sufficient that it most likely should be
%define librepdir %_libdir


It didn't work by "accident", it worked because I knew what was needed in
this specific case to get the right answer.  I can see what the original
code was attempting to achieve, but it was breaking somewhere hidden and I
don't have enough knowledge of the build utilities to add the necessary
debug statements to print internal states.  From what I _can_ see the spec
file ought to work, but there is something in the rpmbuild configuration
files that is interacting with the architecture flag, eg F11 uses i586 as
the default arch. c/f the previous i386.
It seems to only affect the /rep/ part of the sawfish build though, at the
gathering of files into the rpm.  The files are there, the path used to
collect them is wrong.  F10 on an x86_64 or an i686 builds OK.

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