Re: Can't install to custom --prefix location

Daniel Fetchinson wrote:

I'd like to install librep, rep-gtk and sawfish to a custom location
so --prefix=/to/some/path is given to all 3 configure scripts.
Configure, make, make install passes for librep and rep-gtk but 'make'
fails for sawfish:

../src/sawfish --batch --no-rc compiler -f compile-batch sawfish/wm.jl
../src/sawfish: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [sawfish/] Error 127

This might be related to a problem I have with building the rpm with
tweaked architectures. I need to patch the sawfish.spec file replacing
the automagic detection with a hard coded define:

<%define librepdir %(\
<   repl=$(rpm -ql librep.%{_arch}| grep -m 1 /rep/); \
<   [ "$repl" ] || repl=$(rpm -ql librep-devel.%{_arch} | grep -m 1 /rep/); \
<   echo ${repl%%/rep/*})

>%define librepdir /usr/lib

Look in the Makefiles for a similar librepdir define.

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