Re: [IMPORTANT] Move librep/rep-gtk/sawfish to

teika lavabit com (2009-01-31 at 1517.10 +0900):
> I can't offer you any knowledge as this regards, but it seems to me
> any, SVN, GIT, HG, whatever, is acceptable for our purpose. Management
> utility for the maintainer perhaps is more important.

And of those, better go with "regular/bad but known by many" than
"best but untested for the task". We are not in a hurry about
versioning system requirements. What we need is to get a 1.5 with some
important feature in 2009, and make some news around OSS sphere.

> Don't waste the energy for transition. It's a real hassle. Spare it
> for developments :)

Yeah, I agree. Better try to make some noise around GNOME staff, maybe
they wakeup. We can not be the only project suffering it, so the
sooner they streamline any problems they have, the better for
everyone. Maybe they even figure a magic method and publish it, I know
at least two other projects in which streamlined administration would
help. :]


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