Re: [IMPORTANT] Move librep/rep-gtk/sawfish to


Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> perhaps you're right ... 

I follow. We still appreciate Janek's leadership and perspective.

Mihai Călin Bazon wrote:

> SVN sucks. 

I'm not sure how it does, but let's face the fact. It's on sawfish 
(& rep family). We don't write hundreds of lines of code a day. 
We almost don't have any branches.

I can't offer you any knowledge as this regards, but it seems to me
any, SVN, GIT, HG, whatever, is acceptable for our purpose. Management
utility for the maintainer perhaps is more important.

Don't waste the energy for transition. It's a real hassle. Spare it
for developments :)

Best regards,
Teika kazura

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