[IMPORTANT] Move librep/rep-gtk/sawfish to tuxfamily.org?

Hi all,

We discussed earlier about switching the sawfish-host and dvcs. Now I
decided to move. Why? Pretty easy, I lost my ssh-key _before_ I was able
to back it up, and now I'm already waiting 10 days for the new one to be
accepted. Since I'm already hosting something on tuxfamily.org, I
thought it would be a good Idea. But - of course - I first want to here
your opionions on that.

What tuxfamily.org offers:

PostgreSQL DBs
CVS Repo (... uhm no!)
SVN Repo (Not much changes to now)
GIT Repo (Is it better/easier than SVN?)
Maling Lists
Mail Domains
Download Repo
Domain Names

Another Idea would be sourceforge. But somehow it's webinterface
confuses me. (perhaps it's just me :) )

So, let me hear what you think! Tuxfamily or something else (Atleast
something, where I can administrate and therefore not relying on someone
else), SVN or GIT?

(I want to move pretty fast. pretty fast means around 2-4 days, because
that slow progress on gnome.org annoys me)


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