Re: [NEWS] inital user-doc in svn

zanghar freenet de (2009-02-11 at 2332.24 +0100):
> Hi all,
> I just put up an inital user-doc. It resides in man/user-doc.texi, create it by running "makeinfo --no-headers man/user-doc.texi -o USERDOC", then have a look at the USERDOC file. Currently it does only contain some headings and two descriptions (window-menu and iconify).
> Structure:
> 1 Window Managing Functions -> only basic functions, like maximize, iconify
> 2 Advanced WMFs -> advanced functions like maximize-vertically-toggle, grow/pack/shrink/yank
> 3 Tabbed Windowing Doc

Uh? What is so important about tabs to get a top level but
workspaces/viewports or layers or focus or themes or <fill the blank>
are nowhere to be seen?

> 4 Other Sawfish WMFs -> other functions like infinite-desktop or warp-cursor
> Is this structure O.K.?

Depends, what is the real purpose of the user doc? Documentation for
users that do not want to get into the guts of Sawfish? Then you
should cover the concepts, probably starting with what is a wm or even
x11, from general into concrete, and explain the defaults for all
that. At end, explain how to get more from other places or handle
small scripts (for the case of "paste this in your rc").


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