Re: Color in message

teika lavabit com (2009-02-10 at 1335.43 +0900):
> > > > we could do a cat README.IMPORTANT at the end of
> > > > configure, or place a good visible (differently colored) message that
> > > > users should read that file. ... All we got to do
> > > > is to make sure users actually know about that changes.
> > > 
> > > Coloring is good. Output of the configure is a good place, because
> > > that's package maintainers watch. Then they'll take care for what's
> > > related to their distros.
> > 
> > ... But we need a color that's visible on both light and dark terminals.
> > Red? Blue?
> Good notice. How about words get printed as default, and colored bold
> stars * for emphasis? Red, yellow, blue in row is a bit screaming, but
> it must attracts the attention :)

Err... why not let people that want colours, use a colorizer, instead
of polute output with all kind of escape codes? For example, how do
you know escape codes are not going to look like total crap when the
package maintainer gets a report from a build farm? If you want to
call attention to something use CAPITALS or === Special Decor ===.
That will also make colourizer task easier, by giving standard, easy
to match strings.


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