[NEWS] inital user-doc in svn

Hi all,

I just put up an inital user-doc. It resides in man/user-doc.texi, create it by running "makeinfo --no-headers man/user-doc.texi -o USERDOC", then have a look at the USERDOC file. Currently it does only contain some headings and two descriptions (window-menu and iconify).


1 Window Managing Functions -> only basic functions, like maximize, iconify

2 Advanced WMFs -> advanced functions like maximize-vertically-toggle, grow/pack/shrink/yank

3 Tabbed Windowing Doc

4 Other Sawfish WMFs -> other functions like infinite-desktop or warp-cursor

Is this structure O.K.?


1.0 Window-Menu

The window-menu is a menu, which offers you an easy way to modify the current window.

You can access it by left-click on the menu button, or middle-click on the close or iconify button

Is that enough, or should it be more-detailed? should there be infos about the lisp file containing the described function, what hooks and options are available?

Let me know what you think,

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