Re: [README] Proposed list of new default keybindings

itz buug org (2009-02-12 at 0833.01 -0800):
> Vegard> I would like to see a clever suggestion on how to handle
> Vegard> keyboard navigation across these levels. Personally I have
> Vegard> developed muscle-memory for most emacs keybindings, so I keep
> Vegard> trying to reuse those in other applications. The extreme
> Vegard> flexibility and extensibility in sawfish is one of the reasons I
> Vegard> am still using it.
> I have similar feelings, but I'll put it a bit more crudely to perhaps
> dampen the enthusiasm for new default keybindings.
> I won't use any WM that takes over Alt/Meta combinations, _including_
> Alt-Tab (which is C-M-i to Emacs).  Or that doesn't at least provide an
> obvious and surefire way to change these bindings on first installation,
> and leave them alone for ever after.

Similar case here, ages ago I just assigned logo keys to Hyper and
since I use them for all WM tasks or related like change font in terms
(aka poor man's zoom). Later I also added Super to the "game", in the
menu key, so I can get simpler key combinations, specially in laptops
(or even working combos, latest one insists that the Fn "keypad keys"
emit plain numbers like 1, not kp_1, and some apps differe 1 vs kp_1)
or when apps are hardcoded to USA layouts (sometimes impossible in
local keyboard or at least hard to press). The apps can fight for the
rest of things all the want, at least the higher level is out of their


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