Re: Problems after installing sawfish 1.6.0

Good that you got it fixed :)

Though 'Fensterchronik' would be better, as the original string also
isn't just 'History', wouldn' it.

> In the past the Gnome Team stopped supporting sawfish
> because there were too many configure options.

Well, that's one of the *real* points. Another ones are that Red Hat
wanted to push their Windowmanager-Toy, MetaCity. Besides that I don't
see the point for MetaCity (there are already enough minimalistic,
basic-features-only WMs), they also used FUD, eg:

* no one could maintain Sawfish
	- Michal Maruska worked on a fork, so -1
	- More people were and are working on sawfish than they ever
	  did on MetaCity

* missing a11y/atk (accessibility) support, which MC of course got
	- there was a patch from SUN Microsystems to achieve that they
	  would only have needed to apply it. I did that for 1.5.0

* bla bla to many options bla user-unfriendly bla bla bloatware bla bla
  scheme bla (rep is a ¡LISP!-dialect) and so on. Those arguements are
  still in use. On the other hand people argue that GNOME is ugly
  because it hides lots of options from the user. That's a bit ...

* Furthermore MetaCity was not ready back when. So Sawfish "survived"
  until GNOME 2.2 ... they removed lots of options and functions from
  SawfishConfig (SawfishUI back then) to make sure Sawfish looks as
  feature free as MetaCity is and to begin to make it like that,
  according so several old blogposts several functions even Sawfish
  0.38 had were missing in 1.3 and therefore are still. Atleast
  SawfishConfig (ex SawfishUI) is back the way it should be (mostly)
  and Viewports are back (there's no room for such an usefull feature
  in GNOME). For the other point I'm investigating usefull features
  missing and re-integrate them, same for -mmc, though I hope that
  Michal gets some time to post patches.

I don't want to start another round of `Sawfish VS MetaCity' but, I
just wanted to say that.


> Regards
> Gerhard Kirchmann <gerhardkmn yahoo de>

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